The Swarm Venezia

In Venice, on the occasion of the 18th Architecture Biennale, Giorgio Palù - Arkpabi, in collaboration with architecture studio blueArch with technical partners Metro Q exhibited The Swarm Project. Nomadic architecture through time and space at Castello Gallery (Riva degli Schiavoni) from May 20 to August 12 (2023)

The Swarm Project is a eulogy to lightness, a new Architecture aimed at the times to come for a sustainable, conscious, respectful future with a simple and in its own way revolutionary guiding thought. It represents an innovative, energetically sustainable, non-destructive, non-intrusive settlement model in general for amenably unspoiled places and particularly for natural territories. Welcoming visitors is a 1:3 scale housing model made by Steel Group, resting on a large mirrored plate. The two gallery rooms are lined with backlit glass panels to tell the story of the project's genesis, technology studies and environmental impacts.


Giorgiò Palù Architetto